Trail Frame Plastic Multi-functional Type TF-A
14MP 16MP 20MP CMOS 1080P 60FPS HDMI USB Industry Microscope Camera For Cell Phone PCB Repair
100X Infinity Plan Achromatic Objective Lens for Educational Lab School Olympus Biomicroscope Biological Microscope 20.2mm
The inner diameter of 72mm body microscope ring LED light source 96 LED lamp cold light source
1pc 60X 195 Metal Infinity Plan Achromatic Objective Lens Educational Olympus Biomicroscope Biological Microscope 20.2mm
40mm Inner Diameter White Light 160 pcs LED Lights Ring Lamps Microscope Light for Industrial Video Microscope
8W Blue Light LED Adjustable Zoom Medical Stereo Biological Microscope Ring Lamp 90V-264V with 156pcs Bulb 81mm Inner Diameter
Adjustable Mini Microscope Illuminator LED Ring Light Source 15mm Inner Diameter White Light 32 pcs LED Lights
Industrial machine vision light source ring source LED light source detection light source inner diameter 30mm.
500X Waterproof MINI Digital Microscope 2MP Zoom Microscope 7mm Ear Canal USB Endoscope Borescope Camera Medical
PHONEFIX 1.0X 0.5X 0.35X C-mount Glass Lens Adapter 0.7X~4.5X Magnification For Industry Microscope Camera Eyepiece Magnifier
The inner diameter 72mm body microscope ring LED light source is used to detect the cold light source
efix 2MP 3 in 1 HDMI USB VGA CMOS Digital Industry Video Microscope Parts Accessories Camera Soldering Tools Kits
Removable X Y Axis Stage 360 Degree Rotating Moving Platform Microscope Working Table Work Stand For Video Stereo Microscope
0.35X CTV Lens Simul Focal C-Mount Adapter For SZM LUCKY Trinocular Stereo microscope HDMI USB Video Camera Microscope
144pcs LED Ring Light Source 72 mm Inner Diameter Brightness Adjustable LED Light for Stereo Microscope Illumination White Light
600X Zoom 3.6MP USB Digital Microscope with Aluminum Alloy Base 4.3 Inches LCD Display for PCB Inspection Mobile Phone Repairing
Body type microscope special side lamp light source LED ring light source
40mm Inner Dia White Light 48 pcs LED Lights Stereo Microscope Ring Lamps Light for Industrial  Camera Video Light Source
efix HDMI VGA CMOS Digital Video Camera Microscope Accessories Parts LED Dimmer + Lens +56 LED Light Soldering Tools Kits
The inner diameter 20mm is used to detect the internal and external threads of the LED ring light source
10X Optical Illuminated Magnifying Glass Lens Cylindrical Measuring Magnifier Loupe with 8 LED and Scale
415x290mm microscope fixed base extension base integrated aluminum alloy mat phone repair pad resistance high temperature
2.0MP Microscopes electronic eyepiece mobile phone computer can connect to computer or OTG mobile interface 23.2mm
0.3X trinocular biological Microscope Industrial Camera 0.3 Times CCD Interface Adapter C Electronic Eyepiece Lens Adapter
Inner diameter 20mm detection light source machine vision light source LED ring light source.
0.35X CTV Adapter for Video Digital Camera Trinocular Stereo Microscope Accessories Simul Focal C-Mount Lens